Platinum Series

Platinum Series

The Platinum Series automotive window film is engineered for comfort, protection, while maintaining optical visual for your safety driving. Stylish with a breakthrough UV protection and heat-rejection technology, our car window films are designed to deliver the highest standard of performance to enhance your driving experience.

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Platinum Series Construction





Benefits_Icon_01 COMFORT
Stable heat rejection on TSER & IRR from shorter to longer wavelength and reduces glare by different light transmission.
Benefits_Icon_02 PROTECTION
Protect against glare to eye and skin, interior furnishing and upholstery preservation against harmful ultra-violets rays.
Benefits_Icon_03 OPTICAL
Maintained visual and unobstructed view due to stable visible light transmission and luminous efficacy.
Benefits_Icon_04 SAFETY
Enhances safety on glass against any glass breakage and shattering.
Benefits_Icon_05 SAVING
Reduces energy consumption on Air-conditioning work load, thus, saving on energy bills, extend life-span on Air-conditioning, and hassle free maintenance.
Benefits_Icon_06 WARRANTY
Strong warranty coverage backed by manufacturer.